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Watery Grave
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Want High end Legends cards. Have a few duals and other old school cards for trade. Watery Grave (GTC) mm1983 November 01, 2019
W: Elvish Reclaimer, Cube Cards, OG Shocks, OG Painlands Watery Grave (GTC) ason81 August 27, 2019
Looking for MH1 & A25 Foils, Blackcleave Cliffs and EDH Bear stuffs Watery Grave (GTC) Steelerman August 18, 2019
Really, just addicted to trading... Watery Grave (GTC) The Foilmonger August 16, 2019
New updated H/W with Core2020! Watery Grave (GTC) Mishra II August 09, 2019
Updated List - Have MH1, Staples; Want KTK Foils + the Usual Stuff Watery Grave (RAV) HMukh20 August 03, 2019
sorry haters, PGD is still kicking. Happy Birthday 'Murica!. :) Watery Grave (GTC) paragondave July 05, 2019
New list with Foils, Expeditions, Inventions, Full Art Lands. Want Foils.International Trader Watery Grave (GTC) *Foil* druman cole June 19, 2019
Looking for: Cardboard, Have: Cardboard! Watery Grave (GTC) Tweedls June 01, 2019
Having and wanting Watery Grave (GTC) Krackhour March 03, 2019
You've Lost that Loving Feelin'International Trader Watery Grave (GTC) chaos021 January 31, 2017

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